SEO and Analytics

Did you know that in Canada, Google holds more than 90% of the search engine market and more than 50% of the web browser market (Chrome)? That's why our SEO and digital marketing strategies focus on Google.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Are you looking to increase your company's visibility on the Google search engine to get more customers?


Do you want to know why your business or website is successful or not?

Google My Business

You want to increase your visibility on Google and display your company's key information as soon as possible?

Google Ads Search

You have a website and would like to appear higher than your competitors in Google search results?

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

You have an abundance of data and would like to enrich your users' experience on your platform with forecasts?

Website audit

Inspection of the performance of your site as well as its visibility (SEO) on the Google search engine and best practices in terms of user experience. Report of results and recommendations included.

Competition analysis

Being visible on a search engine such as Google implies being among the best in a competition. In other words, you're not the only ones who want to win. So it is important to understand who you are competing against in order to adjust the level of effort you put into it to become or remain one of the best. This involves understanding the competition in your business niche and identifying your closest competitors.

Optimization on your site (on-page SEO)

It is very important that your website is well listed (indexed) by search engines (especially Google) because search engines can only present to Internet users what you allow them to find on your site. Your content must also incorporate keywords that will allow your audience or clientele to find you easily. Finally, factors related to user experience are among the most important taken into account by search engines to present quality and trustworthy websites to users, because this is what makes the reputation of a search engine.

Off-site optimization (off-page SEO)

In order to build the credibility of your website in the eyes of search engines and indirectly with your audience, your site will have to be referenced by other reputable websites. This provides proof that your site is an authority in your industry.

Local SEO

Want more visibility in your area rather than provincially or nationally? You will therefore need to adapt the keywords of your website to also include the name of your city, region or county. It is recommended, depending on the strategic direction of your business, to get a Google My Business view and optimize the description of your company and its services. This will allow you to appear in the "Map Pack" and Google Maps in addition to the natural search results.

Google Ads Search

Following the optimization of your website in view of an optimal referencing on the first pages of search engine results, it can take several months before you feel the effects. While necessary for the long-term good of your business, your business may need visibility faster. So use Google Ads keyword ads that will immediately increase your visibility on the Google search engine. When the effects of SEO are felt, you will then be able to adapt your Google Ads strategy according to your needs.

Periodic performance reports

Receive information about your SEARCH engines and your visitors' interaction with your site. This information will prove crucial to help you make digital marketing decisions and continuously improve your website or online store.

Bilingual SEO

English being an official language in Canada and the United States and moreover, the international language, it is quite possible that you will want to optimize your site for the French language and the English language simultaneously to propel your company into the virtual world of the web!

What our SEO services include
  • Website analysis
  • For WordPress websites, installation of the Yoast plugin
  • Backups of your website before and after optimization
  • Optimization of the indexing of your web pages (e.g. robots.txt, sitemap.xml, noindex tags, canonical tags, etc.)
  • Addition of structured data on important web pages
  • Analysis and recommendations on the user experience
  • Analysis and selection of keywords, including analysis of the competition
  • Review and insertion of keywords in H1/H2 tags
  • Writing meta descriptions and meta-titles according to the chosen keywords
  • Selection of relevant images and writing of alternative texts containing keywords
  • SEO retention in case of change of domain name
    • Redirection of your backlinks (web pages referenced by external sites)
    • Deindexation or redirection of web pages producing errors 404
Web Analytics

Support your decision-making processes regarding your online business or organization by continuously capturing and measuring your search engine visibility, traffic, and conversion rate. Discover the characteristics of your audience and where they come from and target users that you can convert into "customers" who will add value to your business. All this valuable information will guide you in optimizing your website and refine your digital marketing strategy, allowing you to optimize your return on investment (ROI).

What we do:
  • For WordPress websites, installing the Google Site Kit extension
  • Creating a Google account or using the account provided by the customer
  • Configuring the Google Search Console
    • Submitting the sitemap file.xml on the Google Search Console
    • Association of Google Search Console with Google Analytics
  • Creating and configuring a Google Analytics 4 property
    • Data retention
    • Ignore referring domains
    • Alert in case of anomalies
    • Internal traffic filtering (e.g. IP address)
    • Configuring conversion tracking
Business intelligence

Requires continuous centralization of all your business data to give you the most accurate picture possible of the business environment in which you operate. Creating automated data pipelines is a major challenge to achieve this goal, so we'll help you set it all up so you can be aware of your company's performance anytime, anywhere. Discover your trends, adjust the fineness of your mobile dashboard data and make predictions for the future. By scanning your data from multiple angles, you'll begin to distinguish the causes of your organization's successes or setbacks.

  • Create or update the Google My Business listing
  • Analyze competitors' service categories and specify all service categories and subcategories in your company. These serve as keywords and allow the company to appear in the "Map Pack" and Google Maps.
  • Uploading images with company descriptions and location(s)
  • Citation Accuracy Check (NAP). A quote is a reference by an external website to your company's name, address, and phone number.
  • Writing or reviewing your business description
  • Analysis of customer comments and recommendations
  • Analysis of traffic generated by the Google My Business listing and recommendations

We recommend a manual approach with closer follow-up in the management of Ads Search marketing campaigns. The manual approach is more cautious and often recommended by digital marketing experts, especially when creating new campaigns. Google's artificial intelligence can, in some cases, be used wisely as long as it is closely monitored. Our goal is to make sure that the money you invest is invested where it earns you the most!

We highly recommend conversion tracking. Conversions are the actions taken by visitors on your website that have value for your business (e.g. purchase, submission, newsletter subscription, etc.). Getting visibility and driving traffic to your website is easy, but attracting the right visitors who will benefit your organization is a whole other matter. We therefore strive to optimize your campaigns so that your website can be found by the right audience.

We are also committed to giving you full ownership of your Google Account (if we need to create one for you) as well as all your web and marketing data. After all, it is your data and this data contains valuable information for the proper functioning of your website or online store. For us, transparency with our customers is the priority! At the frequency desired by the client, we write a report containing analyses and recommendations to allow you to follow the progress of your campaigns and guide your marketing campaigns ever more towards success.

What we do:

  • Advertising campaign design (French and English)
    • Study of the structure and niche of your website
    • Analysis and selection of appropriate keywords according to the AIDA scale (A=Attention, I=Interest, D=Desire, A=Action)
    • Setting up a keyword advertising campaign (bidding strategy, targeted locations, delivery schedule and time, devices (mobile or other) and ad rotation)
    • Creating ad groups according to the chosen keywords
    • Writing ads and selecting landing pages
    • Configuring keyword matching
    • Adding negative keywords to maximize ad effectiveness
    • Conversion tracking
    • Adding extensions such as sitelinks, hooks, site snippets, image, call, location, and promotion
    • Customer ad validation
  • Monthly ad campaign management
    • Monitoring user search terms and adding negative keywords
    • Monthly campaign optimization to minimize costs and better target the right audience: adjustments of the ads, bidding strategy, maximum cost per click, keywords, audiences, locations, delivery schedule and schedule, and devices
    • Designing a performance report with analysis and recommendations

Specialized in deep learning

  • Creation of predictive models (e.g. regression, classification; ANN) based on metrics/dimensions, 2D data (e.g. images) and sequential (e.g. temporal data)
  • Comparison with naïve models and humans (where possible)
  • Extraction of the most important characteristics
  • Design and production of training, validation and test data
  • Robust validation of predictive model performance
  • Application of explainable artificial intelligence for the validation of predictive models

Specialized in the development of systems integrating machine learning solutions

  • Natural language processing
  • Detection of people, faces, body parts and facial features (including emotions

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