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Development of websites and applications

Website and online store

You want to have a modern advertising window with or without e-commerce?

Our team offers you a professional and attractive cutting-edge advertising showcase. From the creation of logos to the development of features, we are dedicated to creating or transforming your website to showcase your products and services, or even create your online store.

Our graphic designers have the attention to detail and the skills to create or edit the images and videos of your choice.

In addition, if hosting your site is a headache, we offer the technical support you need.

Desktop application

You want to have an application that meets the need for internal management of your company?

We develop custom-made systems that can be deployed on your computer or computer network, with or without Internet access, where you can exploit the computing resources of your computer. These applications allow you to automate manual, repetitive and time-consuming tasks, or to manage and visualize your large and complex data independently and confidentially. Your desktop application can be as simple as it is extensive. Our solutions will be adapted to your needs.

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Data processing

Web application

Do you want to offer yourself a personalized application that provides and shares information among all your users?

A web application is particularly interesting when you are several people (employees, customers, students) to consult or enter data or when your application must be accessible from different devices (e.g., desktop computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet). It allows you to manage your business or organization, anytime and anywhere.

With our web applications, it is also possible to create matchmaking platforms where different stakeholders can provide services or call upon service providers.

Mobile application

You want to have your application directly on your smartphone?

Although web applications are particularly attractive for their universal access, they require an Internet connection whose speed (bandwidth) can affect the experience of your users. Furthermore, if the mobility of your application is paramount, your users may not have the ability to use your web application on their smartphone at all times or in all places, due to the lack of data allocated by their service provider. By developing your mobile application, you limit the amount of data transacted between your server and the user and make the user experience simply more fluid. You continue to benefit from the services rendered by your application despite the location and state of the Internet connection.

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