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Desktop, web and mobile application including the necessary infrastructure and comprehensive systems to support such applications.


Informative websites including message design and visualizations needed to showcase products and services.

Virtual Reality

VR application with 3D models and custom environments including data capture for detailed analysis.


Collaborative platform

Plateforme Connexion Inc.

Our team has developed the Snow Remover web application with various features.
  • Connecting together people in need of snow removal services to contractors based on the contractor’s plan, location, and offered services
  • Online form allows snow removal requests to be published and sent by email to contractors in the region
  • Contractor’s bids are sent by email to the applicants from an online form within the contractor’s SnowRemover account
  • Included :

  • Development of custom extensions
  • Data capture and processing
  • Extension of the WordPress database
  • Geolocation
  • WooCommerce setup
  • Shufti Pro Integration (OCR, AML)

The EXSEVA team has been able to respond to all requests and needs with incredible flexibility and their communication leaves no room for any gaps. When we set high standards and they exceed them, we keep their phone number close by! 

Geremy Brosseau

CEO, Plateforme connexion Inc.

Complex behavioural analysis system

Smart Informatics Ltd.

Two-year project

Our team has designed and developed a human behavior analysis system using video and audio data that includes:
  • A mobile-optimized web application that simultaneously starts recording from three IP cameras and 20 mobile microphones
  • An Android app that manages audio recording on a smartphone
  • Multiple analytics engines working in parallel to extract all behavioral data from videos and audio tapes using computer vision and machine learning
  • Results of the analyzed data represented in an interactive web dashboard with attractive visualizations and intuitive use

I am pleased to have trusted EXSEVA to accomplish a completely novel project that required a ‘can-do’ attitude in reaching major technological achievements. Not to speak of their constant availability and professionalism! 

Prof Vive Kumar, PhD

President and CEO, Smart Informatics Ltd.


Product promotion

Tactik 360 Inc.

Our team developed the Tactik 360 Inc. website. to highlight the company’s mission and products.
  • Message design
  • Creating graphic design

The quality and speed of the services offered by EXSEVA were impeccable throughout the process. They knew very well how to identify our needs and were quickly able to meet our expectations. Thanks to them, we now have a website that allows us to increase our visibility.

Yannick Desruisseaux

President, Tactik 360 Inc.

Promotion of services

La Maison d’Élie

Our team developed the website of La Maison d’Élie, which aimed to showcase the residence and the services offered to seniors with reduced autonomy.
  • Logo creation
  • Message design
  • Creating graphic design

Very nice business experience with EXSEVA. Courteous, fast and efficient service. The provided initial ideas are effective and allowed us to create a website in 10 days. Thanks to the whole team!

Louis Jacob and Sophie Thibault

Owners, Maison d'Élie Inc.

Virtual reality

Research and development

Article published

Our team has written an article on technologies associated with virtual reality.

Virtual reality is expanding quite rapidly and is gaining ground in various sectors of the industry. Most people associate virtual reality (VR) with video games and it is true that video games make up the bulk of today’s virtual reality content. However, outside of the entertainment industry, VR offers incredible potential for…